About Comm. Central

From the Comm. Central website (for Elementary):

The curriculum for the K4 through 4th grade focuses on the grammar stage of learning which incorporates memorizing a variety of different information.  The morning sessions are dedicated to memory work.  Most of the curriculum is set up on a four year rotation of learning.  Some of the subjects rotate more frequently.  Below is an outline of the information as it will be covered:

Timeline (will be memorized each year)
  • Creation to current times

History (memorized on a 4 year rotation)
  • Ancients
  • Medieval/Early Renaissance*
  • Late Renaissance/Early Modern
  • Modern
Math  (memorized on a 2 year rotation)
  • Basic facts & conversions
  • Basic facts,  geometry definitions, & formulas*

Grammar (memorized each year – 20 weeks per year)
  • 8 Parts of Speech
  • Lists of Pronouns
  • Lists of Helping and Linking verbs
  • Lists of Prepositions

Fun Facts (memorized on a 2 year rotation – 10 weeks per year)

  • U.S. Presidents
  • U.S. States and Capitals*

Greek and Latin Roots (memorized on a 2 year rotation)

Bible Memorization (memorized on a 4 year rotation)

Literary works (memorized on a 4 year rotation)

Science (memorized on a 4 year rotation)

  • Anatomy, Zoology and Botany
  • Earth Science, Astronomy, and Weather*
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

Every three weeks the students will be exposed to one classical composer and one famous artist.

*for the 2010-2011 school year