Monday, January 10, 2011

Hundred Years' War, Joan of Arc, and the Black Death for Kids

Although I had a difficult time finding videos valuable for kids regarding this week's lesson, here's a good summary in print with a video clip from the 1989 film of Shakespeare's Henry V, of Henry's speech. It also draws in the Black Death and Joan of Arc, connecting the dots with some of our other history landmarks.

Though Joan of Arc will be spotlighted in three weeks, including her this week may help make a cohesive whole. Here's a program from Biography on her life which I have not prescreened, along with a tame short clip regarding her capture, trial, and death. This trailer for the full-length 1999 film Joan of Arc may also give a brief idea of her life; it's brief but suspenseful, so watch it first to see if it's age-appropriate for your children.

This clip from the History Channel is a good medical explanation of the Black Death that so influenced the Hundred Years' war. Please note: They make it a little scary, so do watch it for age-appropriateness.

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