Monday, February 7, 2011

Phonics "Mystery Cards"

Vamping off an idea I saw at a learning store, I made these simple cards for my son out of cardstock and tape in an effort to build his phonics--and excitement about reading.

To make your own Mystery Cards:

1. Fold a piece of cardstock in half width-wise.

2. On one side only, cut a 3-1/8x 1/4" slot in the lower half.

3. Tape the edges of the cardstock closed.

4. Cut 3 x 8-1/2" cards out of another sheet of cardstock.

5. On the cards, write simple, phonetically-correct words, letters widely spaced apart. You might add a small illustration at the end to solve the "mystery."
To use, insert the cards into the slot and pull the edge out. Your child can read one letter at a time, guessing at the full word as he or she reads more.

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