Thursday, March 3, 2011

More solar system activities for kids!

You can watch The Magic School Bus: Out of This World and The Magic School Bus: Lost in Space, then utilize this printable and lesson idea (scale it to a homeschooling level) from Scholastic. Here's their "Space Chase" game, as well, which gives kids clues for guessing a planet. There are also two clever poems for kids about space on this page.

Here's another huge list of space links for kids, too, and some activities from NASA also has a few lesson plans categorized by age.

These lesson plans are for those of you who really want to do something big: Using items like pumpkins, softballs, and poppy seeds to get an idea of the scale of our galaxy.

This site also had some wonderful application ideas from teachers on the solar system, including making marks on your playground (yard) outside to demonstrate distance between planets.

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  1. Somewhere I found an "indoor planetarium" project idea, but the link wasn't working, so we're trying this today...take a large cardboard box (my kids are small, so they can actually get in the box) and seal off any openings where light can get in. Make random holes in the top and sides of the box with a nail, mixing in some known constellation patterns. Put the box over your kiddo in a well lit room and let them see if they can find their own constellations or recognize the known ones.