Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nicholas and Alexandra {Romanov Family: Living Book}

Before our first son was born, because of infertility we pursued a Russian adoption (then abandoned it weeks before our first flight because I found out I was pregnant!).  It was during that time I became interested in Russian culture.  {Actually in high school a 75-year old-missionary taught a 6 week class on the Russian language but sadly, it didn't interest me.}

While my husband and I chased the paper trail to bring home a Russian orphan a friend recommended that I read Robert Massie's Nicholas & Alexandra.  Interestingly enough, the author was compelled to research the royal family after his son was also diagnosed with hemophilia. {I'm probably partial to Massie because he was born in Kentucky.}

Nicholas and Alexandra shines light on the Russian noble culture while exposing some of the randomness of Rasputin and delves into the mystery of the murdered family.  Did you know it is rumored that one of the Romanov daughters survived the assassination plot?

After dedicating much of his life to the 300 year rule of the Romanov family, Massie won a Pulizter Prize in 1981 for his biography of Peter the Great.  In 2011 finished another book on the life of another significant Russian figure, Catherine the Great.

You can borrow this book from CALS and also the original 1967 edition.  Not interested in reading this work of non-fiction?  Check out the Academy Award-winning film of the same title (I've not seen the film).

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