Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Letters from Egypt & other Charlotte Mason Recommendations

This morning we started reading aloud Letters from Egypt.  In 1879, Mary Whately wrote to friends and family in England about her experiences in Egypt.  She ties in Scripture references as well as Egyptian culture and customs.  After reading the first letter, I'm hooked!  And thinking that it would be a fill the "family read-aloud-before-bed" criteria.

If Letters from Egypt interests you, another from the Charlotte Mason website that we ordered for this year's enjoyment was Ancient Egypt and her Neighbors.

 From the website: A fascinating narrative of life in Ancient Egypt intertwined with captivating stories of the other civilizations that existed alongside her—neighbors far and near. Makes the ancient world come alive! (Grades 1–6)

Lastly, for grades 1-3, Boy of the Pyramids might grab your attention.


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