Monday, November 22, 2010

Grammar review--through reading

One of the ways we've reviewed grammar this semester is via what Beverly Cleary referred to as "DEAR" time in her Ramona Quimby books: Drop Everything And Read. I'll have my son read a book of his choosing for twenty minutes--DEAR time--for one of his workboxes (or for most people, an agenda item).

In the next workbox, I'll have a sheet of paper that asks him comprehension questions (What is the central problem the character is facing?)--really whatever we're working on for reading fundamentals that week--but I'll also incorporate grammar, having him write one noun, pronoun, adjective, etc. from what he just read.

I really like multi-disciplinary activities to sync activities together, and this is a great way to do it (another option: have him write a summary sentence about what he read--or answer an overarching comprehension question (i.e. Who are the main characters in this book? In what setting does this book take place?--then illustrate it).

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