Monday, November 1, 2010

Marco Polo

From, here's a two-minute video; and from National Geographic, some of their always-stunning photos depicting with captions his journey to China. If your child is just nutty about Marco Polo, there's a PBS documentary (1 hour, 25 minutes...) on two adventurers who follow his journey from Venice to China and back--which I have not watched. And for the rest of you who I'm sure can't get enough of him, there's an animated video to buy designed to build character in kids. The two-minute trailer might be enjoyable to your kids!

Here's an interactive map of his journeys, complete with sound. If you're looking for more resources, click here.

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  1. In the world of Exploration ( adventurer ) is a type of four letter word , impling lack of seriousness , but I must thank you for your recommending our Emmy nominated documentary " In the footsteps of Marco Polo " that chronicled our 25,000 mile Expedition in which my colleague and I retraced the entire Silkroad route of Marco Polo overland and sea without flying,the first and only team in history to do so ! Yes our PBS site has a lot of wonderful information for kids of all ages about Marco ,as well as our companion book of the same name , not to mention several great links to learn more , like the Metropolitan museum of arts Marco Polo site ! Have fun and remember what I always say " There's more to Explore " Ciao 4 now Francis O'Donnell