Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Until today I was a lapbook virgin.  This was my first time.

I was scared just thinking about how much work it would be.  But really it was quite fun.  I am not qualified to tell you how to make a lapbook.

I can show you how we made ours.  By the way, he really got into this and even asked if we could do this for next week's history fact.  Woah.
 We started by asking the 5W's and a H.
Then we printed a bunch of pictures from the Internet.

 The hand drawn picture on the blue page represents the financial decline of France when the Huguenots fled.  If you click on the images (from the blog) they will become larger.
 My reluctant writer wrote a lot today.  It made me very happy.
We both learned much about King Louis XIV, Versailles, and the Edict of Nantes.

Sister just sat at the table and drew.  Isn't she cute?  Well, I wish she just sat at the table and drew...this picture was too cute not to post for your viewing pleasure.

HT: Living and Learning does lapbooks.  Check out her blog for more great ideas.

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