Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Norman Rockwell Exhibit

Tours of the exhibition In Search of Norman Rockwell's America will be held Tuesday - Sunday at 1:30 p.m., until Sunday, September 18 at the Arkansas Art Center.  However, it is perfectly fine to view the art without the tour.  Sometimes I am hesitant to go downtown because of fear of the unknown.  Let me reassure you that it was easy to access and parking was also easy.

We went today and listened to the docent. Of course all docents have something different to say, ours was average at best.  The (free) exhibit was definitely worth the trip downtown.  In the gift shop you can buy the book that inspired the exhibit.  I think it would be a great gift for a Norman Rockwell lover.  I was really tempted to buy it for my dad; I still might.

 These pictures were taken with my phone (and were totally against the rules)...but below you can see an example of the art exhibit. On the left is a modern day photograph of a mother sending her daughters to school.  On the right is a Rockwell painting of a boy coming home from camp.  Kevin Rivoli's photojournalism was captured spur of the moment, none were staged.  Whereas Rockwell often staged his portraits, then painted from a picture.  Some of the images were quite patriotic and moving.

Rockwell wanted to preserve images of "every day America" and Rivoli wanted to prove that Americans are still very much the same.  I noticed though, the modern mother was not wearing a dress, apron, or a wedding ring (left hand not shown).

 As you may be well aware, Rockwell was commissioned for several pieces for the Saturday Evening Post.  The below picture was considered "too scandalous" for print.  The son expected his father to curse after hitting the golf ball so he was covering his ears.  My how times have changed.  :)  The accompanying photographs were of little boys golfing.  I was impressed at the detail of expression on both figures' faces.
 If memory serves me rightly, this exhibit will be traveling around America for ten years.

The children's favorite part?  The waterfall outside.


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