Thursday, March 22, 2012

Math for Spring Break

1.  If Louisville is beating Michigan State 31-25, by how many points is Louisville winning?  How many three-pointers would Michigan State have to make to be the leader?

2.  Your grandparents live in eastern Kentucky and have tickets to see the University of Kentucky play in CAT-lanta.  If the cities are 389 miles apart, how long will it take for them to arrive (assuming they can drive an average of 60 miles an hour)?

3.  The University of Kentucky has had 14 Final Four appearances.  University of Arkansas has had six.   University of Louisville has been there eight times.  How many more times has UK made it to the Final Four?

4.  Momma ate a half pound of Dove chocolates today.  How many calories did she consume?  Please don't answer.

5.  If it rains a half inch an hour, and rains for 12 hours, how many inches of rain did we get?

6.  A kid's meal at Chipotle costs $4.  How many kids could go with us if you had $20?

7.  The play place at Rock Creek is free.  How long can your mother endure little girls screaming inside the glass entrapment?

8.  A loaf of bread has 20 slices of bread.  Two slices are heels.  Daddy used 2 pieces for toast.  How many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches can we make without using the heels?

9.  Momma did laundry everyday.  Monday she did one load, Tuesday was 3, Wednesday was 2, Thursday was 3.  How many loads of laundry will she need to do on Friday if she needs to do 10 loads a week to keep up?

10.  Bananas are about $0.50 a pound.  About three bananas make a pound.  If you have $1.50 in your pocket, about how many bananas can you buy?


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