Sunday, August 11, 2013

Homeschooling Struggling Learners

You are invited you to join me (Lisa Lipe) for "Homeschooling Struggling Learners" at the Home Ed Kick-Off this Tues. night, August 13th at 5:30 at Second Presbyterian Church located at 600 Pleasant Valley Drive (near Cantrell and I-430).

Please come if you are homeschooling a struggling learner (or beginning to suspect that you might be).  Please also invite anyone you know who is thinking about homeschooling a child who is struggling to learn in a regular school setting. 

In this session you will learn the importance of foundational sensory-motor skills for academic learning and for attention.  Receive an overview of interventions including cognitive training, nutrition, & specific teaching methods for reading, writing & math difficulties.   Get information on resources to help plan a successful homeschooling year for your child.  I will be taking questions and will stick around after the session to talk with parents.

All parents who attend will receive a coupon for a free developmental vision screening for their child to help determine if difficulty with visual skills may be contributing to problems with reading and/or attention.

I have been working with struggling learners for over 20 years and have experience with various types of learning issues.  I have spent many years homeschooling my own children and the last 5 years helping other people home school theirs.  I am excited to have this opportunity to speak with you!

Lisa Lipe, M.Ed.
Integrated Learning Connections

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