Monday, September 27, 2010

Earthquakes: Shakin' it up

I'm slightly amazed that the U.S. government has a whole website for kids on earthquakes! It's got puzzles and games, animations, photos, the science of earthquakes, and even "today in earthquake history."

You'll also find some good resources through its page for students and teachers, sortable by grade level (complete with some pretty cool coloring pages, too)! There are some very creative hands-on ideas like this one regarding faults or even using crayon shavings to illustrate the formation of other rocks from heat and pressure. But I may have to do the one using cookies to demonstrate erosion--who cares if we're not talking about erosion yet...! And that's a small fraction of the ideas on this site; I'm sure there are earth science resources that we can use the rest of the semester. Seriously worth checking out.

Among its hyperlinks, you can create a virtual earthquake of different kinds and magnitudes, and watch its effects.

And even though yes, I know that "video" doesn't equal "creative," it does make our job a little more visual and interesting! Here's a video on Earthquakes 101--see the video after it, too, entitled "Inside Earthquakes". And here's few more helpful earthquake videos from National Geographic that cover the "above ground" effects. Howstuffworks also has a worthwhile earthquake video.

Check out these photos that convey some of God's power displayed in earthquakes; these verses also detail the earthquakes mentioned in the Bible.

Fortunately, there are enough resources out there to make earthquakes come alive for nearly any learning style!

And P.S.--surprise, surprise--the memory work can be sung to (drumroll, please) ...The Farmer in the Dell.


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