Saturday, April 23, 2011

Don't toss your eggs!

Idea: KEEP YOUR EASTER EGGS. They're great for matching games: you can write a word in permanent marker on one half and a part of speech on the other, then have your child match up the eggs (to make it trickier, don't let the halves match in color). Or, put a math fact on the top and the answer on the bottom.

Alternatively, hide clues, instructions, or parts of a poem in them (ahem, Hamlet) to have your child put in order. Maybe you would hide writing prompts in them, and your child selects one from the basket. Maybe you'd put physical activities on slips of paper inside, and instruct your child to select five eggs--five physical activities. Or, hide the names of countries on the eggs, and they need to find the countries on your globe or map. For end-of-year review, hide memory work clues ("Elizabeth I"; "volcanoes") inside the eggs, and your child selects an egg and recites the fact.

The possibilities are many! It may even be worth picking up some eggs on the event that you can stand seeing them after this weekend's sugar high.

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