Monday, April 25, 2011

Shakespeare for kids

Our history fact could be put to "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands:"

In fifteen ninety-nine
William Shakespeare
an Elizabethan playwright
performed his political
and social plays
at the Globe
Theater in Lo-on-don. had this :52 video on Shakespeare. Here's a text-and-photos-only biography. This video explores the Globe, his theater.

This site is basically Shakespeare for kids, even with coloring and puzzle pages, and this site also has Shakespeare for kids. Here's another site with links, powerpoints, games, and stuff for teachers.

There are some wonderful free audio links, printables, teaching suggestions (including Charlotte Mason) and other resources on this site--the must-click for this week--though they are more about his plays (i.e. Hamlet!) than his life. Links include a trip to the Virtual Globe and a site with a free printable poster of Shakespearean quotes. If you get through all of the stuff on this site within a month, you are a greater woman than I.

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