Thursday, July 21, 2011

Intent to homeschool: Helpful information for Little Rock School District

Okay, folks--I offer this information as a help and cannot be held accountable, but as far as I have researched...the current superintendent of LRSD through July 2011, an interim, is Dr. Morris L. Holmes. The Little Rock School District Administrative Office address--and as far as I understand, the superintendent's office, is located at 810 W. Markham, Little Rock, AR, 72201.

If anyone finds information that differs from this for Intent to Homeschool form purposes, please post a comment to enlighten the rest of us!

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  1. If you are hand-delivering your Intent to Homeschool and/or Kindergarten Waiver forms, you might want to go to the Student Registration Office at 501 Sherman in downtown Little Rock. I have visited the 810 W. Markham office the past 2 years. Both times they said they would have it delivered to the Student Registration Office. I decided both times to deliver it myself.