Monday, July 18, 2011

Helpful "refresher" posts for new homeschoolers--or a new year

As a help to the new moms in town--or the rest of us to whom last year is a bit of a blur--here is the first post of some links to some practical, perennial posts from last year.

1) A solution for memorizing Greek and Latin roots: Roots Memory

2) DIY Handwriting

3)  DIY Reading

4) How to explode your library card

5) An amazing Worksheet Maker, including crossword puzzles, word finds, etc.

6) Word Slides and Word Wheels for phonics practice--great for new readers

7) Free typing practice website

8) Picture books that teach values

9) Tutoring in the Little Rock area

10) You've got mail: E-mailing your child's assignments

11) A few DIY resources: Mystery cards; Excel-created games; picture-word journal

Can you help the new moms (and can't-remember moms)? What "perennial" posts were helpful for your homeschooling last year?

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