Monday, October 24, 2011

Can you help?

On a note of Comm. Central Creatively housekeeping--at the end of January, my family and I  (Janel)are going to be moving to Uganda, Africa as missionaries. We are excited (and a bit overwhelmed). Though we'll continue homeschooling there, as I focus on our family's adjustments, I will be stepping out of regular contributions to Comm. Central Creatively. (I reserve the right to come back and give you yet another corny song or weird project idea.)

Here's where I'm trusting that God will care for all of us. If you've been helped by the blog--or think you know what could make it more helpful!--would you prayerfully consider pitching in with your ideas on the blog?

Maybe one of you would be interested in researching activities and videos that help other moms flesh out the week's curriculum. Maybe you wouldn't mind using to construct a review crossword once a week. Maybe you're just brimming with creative ideas or internet savvy that could help the rest of us out. I hope to slowly transition out in the next month as our preparations to leave are ramping up.

If you're interested, would you please leave a comment on the blog? Someone will be in touch with you. Thanks for helping all of us.

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