Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Handwriting Practice Ideas

You can use the Paragraph Worksheet Maker of the Amazing Handwriting Worksheet Maker for a number of fun ideas!

1) Put the names of some of their favorite characters or of some family members on the sheet, then print out clip art or photographs of the names, with a border around the image. Your child traces the name, reads the name, and cuts and pastes the appropriate photo on its name. This is great for reluctant writers; I used Lego Star Wars character names last week, and my son keeps asking me when we'll get to do it again! (You can find clip art pictures by Googling the character's name, then clicking on the "Images" tab of Google. Cut and past the image.)

2) Ask your child to make up a short story. Type it in and print out the worksheet so they can copy their story. They can illustrate the story on a separate page.

3) Write letters to grandparents or other relatives using the same method: Your child dictates their letter (I write "Dear Grandma and Grandpa", etc. as the title), you print it out, and they can trace their words.

4) Write worksheets about their personal information: Their favorite color, birthday, phone number, address, etc.

As separate handwriting practice, we use a handful of fun, tactile options:

  • forming letters in a cookie tray of cornmeal or salt (I keep it in containers and reuse the cornmeal; if you can find a small rectangle container, it can serve as your HWT "slate")
  • Ziploc freezer bags full of hair gel (keeping them in the fridge is even better!); press the letters in to the bag
  • copying words from flashcards onto dry erase boards
  • Aqua Doodle mats
  • Magna Doodles
  • making letters in shaving cream or finger paint

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