Monday, October 25, 2010

Charlotte Mason Discussion Group

Charlotte Mason's Original Homeschooling SeriesI just found them - and I'm so excited!!!  There's a discussion group for Charlotte Mason's Six Volume series.

About two years ago I first learned of Charlotte Mason, some would call her the founder of the homeschooling movement.  Her educational philosophy puts an emphasis on reading "living books" and stimulating education in a noncompetitive, biblically based way. She is a contemporary of Maria Montessori, both women were 100 years before their own time.

So, the discussion group meets tonight (Monday - which is the fourth Monday of the month.)  They meet in the cafe of the Books a Million in North Little Rock from 6-10pm.  Maybe as no surprise, they not only discuss the books but provide support and advice for one another.

Email me if you want to meet up and go together: luvmyhub AT gmail DOT com


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