Friday, October 8, 2010

Volcanoes for Preschoolers

Seeing Janel and Baden's volcano experiment reminded me of John Isaac's first taste of soda and vinegar. Below was originally posted at Havin' Fun Yet, June 2008.

Using our old play-dough, together we fashioned the semblance of a volcano...and hid a small cup inside to hold our liquid.

When asked, "What color is the lava?" Immediately he responded: RED! So first he poured a bit of red water into the hidden cup.The Moveable Alphabet recommended using yeast so the lava would appear more solid, though I couldn't tell a difference. Then he sprinkled a BIG tablespoon of baking soda in the water.
And, finally, the vinegar. When he smelled it, he said, "It smells like chicken broth." Really? ugh. I love the expression on his face here, just as the reaction begins.
Look at that smile! He loved the explosion. What an expression of satisfaction.
Once the bubbles ceased, "Let's do it again!"

We did secondary colors: orange then purple and finally green. He would have made volcanoes all day.

This was an easy project. Specifically, set up/ clean up time was minimal. There were HIGH returns for my investment.

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