Monday, October 25, 2010

Motley's Pumpkin Patch

A group of homeschoolers met at Motley's Pumpkin Patch on Friday.

The day began with "calling the hogs" - a pig race.

We also went on a hay ride.

Petted and fed animals
Played in/on HUGE hay stack.


  1. at the risk of sounding do i find out about these things? new to Arkansas and Comm Central. my son is in one of the K5 classes.

  2. Shelley -
    I've been in your shoes (I lived in PHoenix for 4 years when my son was 1-5y.o) and wanted play dates and couldn't find them.

    We hope to continue posting ideas on the blog. Have you subscribed yet? From the home page, if you look in the upper right corner, there's a box to enter your email address and will receive updates whenever we post on the blog.