Monday, October 18, 2010

Genghis Khan

This week, can be credited with three informative videos of Genghis Khan. If you'd like to see a full, 43-minute video, BBC has this five-minute trailer that you can check out to see of you want to watch the whole thing.

This site lists resources for educators, for kids, and by kids on Mr. Khan.

And for all you crafty types out there, here's a slightly makeshift version of a Mongolian hat to stitch out of felt.

Here's a fairly extensive (eleven page) resource to teach about life on the Mongolian steppes, including a crossword, a felt Mongol hat that you can either sew or staple (I'm going for quick and dirty, personally), food they eat on the steppes, and more.

Here, your kids can view photos of the current Mongol people.

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