Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Story of Thomas Edison

We downloaded this 94-page e-book from Simply Charlotte Mason.  They will also ship a paper copy.  From their site:

  • Interesting and inspiringThe Story of Thomas A. Edison paints a living picture of Edison that follows his life from “train boy” to newspaper publisher to telegraph operator to world-famous inventor.
  • Excellent for all ages—The narrative is engaging enough for adults and readable for younger children, so you can enjoy the story all together as a family.
  • Expanded edition—Enhance your study of Edison with the addition of original patent sketches, the patents themselves, and pages from his personal diary—all included in this expanded edition. Notes are scattered throughout the collection to highlight interesting points.
  • -Julie

    PS - There is a similar, cheaper, Kindle version on Amazon - though missing the appendix of Edison’s patents, patent sketches, and pages from his diary. 

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