Monday, August 20, 2012

This week's science fact

Although it's already been set to rhythm in our notebook, you can sing our science fact this week to the tune of "London Bridges":

Scientists classify all living things
into a multi-level
classification system:
kingdom, phylum, class, or-der,

My kids and I decided to go ahead and play "London Bridges" while singing this song, and loved that we caught someone whenever we sang "species!"

With my kids' energy me. You grasp every little chance to get 'em moving.


  1. you mention it is already set to rhythm, help a tone deaf girl out and what tune or rhythm is it? I see the highlighted letters but also have to hear a song several times before I can join in : )

    1. Ha! Kristina, I hope I can help you, but there is a reason I set it to music--as in, for me :).

      Maybe it can help to think of it as poetry, with the accent on the first syllable--kind of a "ONE, two three four, ONE two three four" beat.

      SCIentists classify
      ALL living things into a
      MULti-level classification
      KINGdom, phylum,
      CLASS, order,
      FAMily, genus,

      :) Please let me know if you're still lost! I'm not there in assembly to see them do it, so I'm a little intimidated.

  2. Me too! I so wish that the CD Kristi make available at the end of the year were given out in the beginning : ) also I think we may be a week behind cause I just saw where next week (4), it says to sing to Hush Little Baby. Again, sometimes I am slow at catching on. Thank, and please know you are so missed in our homeschool community but via the Internet has been such a continued blessing to us all.