Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Memorization: Rocks!

This week's science fact could be sung to a few songs, I'm sure, but it worked well to the tune of Dinah (as in, "Someone's in the kitchen with Dinah...").

My kids added some actions, and presto! We've almost got it.

Some action ideas:

"An igneous rock is a fire rock..."=wiggle fingers to mimic fire, or rub hands together like warming them over a fire

"It's formed from melted rock..."=stir an imaginary pot, like you would melted chocolate

"As magma cools below the earth..."=put your hands down low

"And lava cools on top!"=make an explosive volcano as you raise your hands! (My kids like this part the best, of course.)

"A sedimentary rock is formed when sediments settle down..."=Settle your arms into an imaginary lazy boy, laying your head back

"Rock, sand, and dirt are pressed..."=smash your hands together!

"...and cemented in the ground!"=smash one fist into the other palm

So now you know how crazy our household gets. Beware--it's catching. (Note: No, that picture is not my family.)

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