Monday, August 15, 2011

A few memory work ideas

American Heritage...with a little flair

Rather than the same ol', same ol' memory work, we've taken Patrick Henry's words and begun to make them a dramatic reading. I acted them out first (no pictures will be posted...), and then my son took a shot, and was actually pretty good! I think it helps him to put himself in the colonists' shoes and think about the words, as well.

Add some actions

I ask my son to think up hand movements for some of our memory work, and he seems to like thinking up creative motions!

Flash cards/Rebus

For our literary work, consider making flash cards with pictures on them that you flip through as you recite: One for land, one for sea, a shore, and alarm, a village, a get the idea. Alternatively, have your student make a rebus--you know, one of those picture puzzles where you replace some words with pictures or symbols to tell the story.

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