Monday, August 29, 2011

This week in Comm. Central: 08.29.11

Although Tokugawa Iemitsu (whom I'm sure you've all heard of time and time again) mysteriously has his own Facebook page (?!), I haven't found much for students with the exception of this 55-minute PBS program, The Will of the Shogun, part of a series on Japan: The Secret Empire. Sadly, I did not take the hour while the kids were in co-op to sit down with a good bowl of popcorn and watch this, so you are on your own.

At our house, we will be putting our Bible verse to the tune of "This Old Man" (or for you Barney lovers, "I Love You, You Love Me"):

for "'In him we live and move
and have our being,'
as even some of your own
poets have said
"'For we are indeed his o-o-o-offspring.'
Acts 17, verse 28!

If you're really desperate, you can put the History fact to the tune of "Itsy-bitsy Spider":
In 1633 the Japanese sho-o-gu-un,
Tokugawa Iemitsu, established a clo-osed door
policy isolating Japa-an from the rest of the world
to preven disruptive fo-reign influence
allowing them to retain
(repeat last line's tune) their unique culture.

I warned you. It's a stretch. :)

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