Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hands-on math: Ice Cream Shoppe

 My kids have liked playing Ice Cream Shoppe for math lately--and it has a lot of variations for different skill levels. I cut out a variety of construction paper ice cream "scoops" and a handful of brown "cones." (If you need a pattern, this link may help.)

(Our Ice Cream Shoppe is casual: No shirts, no shoes, who cares?)
The kids get to make their own ice cream cones with whatever and how many flavors they like. We can practice
1) addition: how many of each color; how many scoops on two or three cones
2) counting money: one cent for each scoop, ten cents per scoop (for counting by tens), etc. Somehow using real money makes it feel more fun for us!
3) colors, for pre-K students
4) role playing
5) number writing: we keep a dry erase board nearby to write our addition problems, number of scoops, etc.
6) making patterns using scoop colors

For a little more variety, we switch places and I buy the ice cream from them!
My daughter, paying for her ice cream

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  1. P.S. You can also make your cones and scoops out of felt for a longer-lasting set. Those who want to make this a reading activity instead can put letters on the scoops to form words!