Monday, August 22, 2011

New Amsterdam colony, Henry Hudson for kids

For those kids who can't get enough of this week's topic, there's a whole 56-minute video on Dutch New York and Henry Hudson. Wowsers. Or, you could watch this two-and-a-half minute clip that covers Hudson's trip and a little beyond. National Geographic had this 1m39s segment on what Henry Hudson would have seen in 1609. There's also a 28-minute drama filmed in 1964 of Hudson's life: "realistically portrays the conflict Henry Hudson experienced when he went in search of an open water route to the Orient, and no one would follow him. What he discovered instead was an inland sea, a discovery that ended in tragedy." (No, I have not watched these.) This clip from Videopedia world is a good short overview.

I'm most excited about this site from the New York State Education department, which has a lot of classroom activities about Hudson, including journal notes, illustrations, and maps. Scholastic also has this page on Hudson. New York also had this pdf chock-full of 70 pages worth of information, "On the Half-Moon [Hudson's boat] with Henry Hudson."

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