Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ice and Salt Free Play

With record temperatures today (113*) playing with ice is a great way to stay cool.  I like this activity because it is:

1. cheap
2. easy
3. all materials on hand
4. easy clean up, can even be done outside.
First sprinkle salt on a big-o-block-o ice.  Then squirt colored water on top.

Watch the ice and salt do its magic.
Sister played in Mt. Laundry.
If I had a better camera, you could see the intricate details of this ice sculpture.
When we do this project again, we'll have a block of ice without salt and compare the melting rates.
But for today, it was very fun.  And easy.
The below picture is taken from the top; the salt melted a hole through to the bottom.

And what's not to love about undies as a necklace?!  :)


HT: The Artful Parent

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